I’m A People Person

There’s no denying it now. I am officially and completely a people person.

This past weekend we kept our friends’ three girls while they made a super-packed-full trip to their new home in the Washington, DC area. They dropped them off Thursday morning, and we had them until Sunday night. At first glance that seemed like a pretty long time, but I knew it would go really fast. And it did.

The best part was not the four days of two adults and eight kids though. The best part came on Sunday afternoon.

My sister and her husband and their four kids were on their way to their new home in the Buffalo, NY area, and were planning to stop by and visit. So, now we had twelve kids (ages 9 down to 1 month) and only four adults. But we didn’t stop there! Later in the afternoon, our friend Laura and her son came to visit bringing the total up to 5 adults and 13 kids! All in our little yellow house!!!

And I could not have been happier. πŸ™‚

I looked around at one point at the four families represented in my living room and just smiled. I couldn’t help it. That is what I want my house to be. The place where people hang out. Come, visit, hang, for no reason … just to be together. It was wunderbar.

Later that night, our friends came back to retrieve their kids and ended up sticking around to sample the good food from the day (cinnamon rolls and chicken wings and skyline chili, etc) and taking in an episode of the Knight Rider. It was a great ending to a fun day and a great weekend.

But then…

On Monday, Jen’s parents came over with our nephew to spend a couple fun days with our kids and Jen (while I was here working). They were gone most of yesterday, and are gone again today now doing some fun things around our area. I’m glad for the kids. They are having a blast. But it’s really quiet here.

I have officially discovered that I am a “people person”. Fellow people people seem to need “down times”, but I can’t get enough. I miss those little girls we had here for the long weekend. A lot. I certainly miss my family right now. And last night, the two boys spent the night with Grandma, Grandpa & their cousin… and it just wasn’t right. The house felt empty, though we still had the three girls here with us.

I am definitely a people person.

[Tangent… Last night when we just had the three girls, I thought to myself, “This seems way too easy!” I felt like it was “parenting-lite”. I guess the hardest part of parenting these days is not the feeding and cleaning that we mostly do for the three girls (ages four and down) but the relational and life-training that we are doing with the boys (and probably Kirstie, too). So without that “challenge”… I felt like we had the night off! πŸ™‚ Tangent over…]

So, I am incredibly grateful to God for the big family he has placed me in, and look forward to it growing if that’s what He’s got in mind. I’m super blessed to be part of a great extended family, too (my mom & dad, sister & fam, my aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, and even all my in-laws).

Guess that’s probably why I’m a people person. πŸ™‚

Which Way Did They Go?

One of the stranger things from our three days here at the hospital has been watching the migration of the Canadian geese. Thousands – definitely tens of thousands – of these cool birds (that resemble Klingon birds of prey as they descend to the water) have been flying past the big windows in the room where Emma was born.

Oddly enough, though in March geese should be flying north, it sure seemed like they were flying south. We figured they knew what they were doing… so we accepted the direction of their giant goose arrows as north, against our better judgment.

Even more oddly…

This morning when we woke up, the geese were all flying back the other direction! Ha! And, that direction was what I originally thought was north. Sweet vindication! πŸ™‚

A nurse (who seemed equally fascinated by them) reminded us that the lake is maybe just a mile south of us, and that was their southerly destination.

It all makes sense now. And it’s still incredibly cool! Just watching SO many animals working in concert toward the same goal, same destination. Watching what God has designed into His creation is just a reminder of how beautifully simple and complex it all is. I won’t elaborate now, but there have been many reminders through the whole process of the birth of Emma at how simply mind-blowing God’s creation is, and how evident it is that he made it, and holds it all together.

Even the Klingon geese. πŸ™‚


There are a few things that I am currently pondering regarding life with God and his church. I thought I’d just jot them down here, in a sort of short hand way. Perhaps you are pondering them as well and might add to my ponderings, but really I am putting them down here to look back later and see what I was pondering in 2008. πŸ™‚

  • Worship:
    Do we need to publicly and corporately set God apart from all else, with or without musical aid?
  • Evangelism:
    Should I have more of an urgent desire to help people know they are loved by their Father?
  • Praying:
    With other people, I mean. How do I make an ongoing conversation with God easily flow into conversation with other believers – and my family.
  • Communion:
    It’s important to some people. Really important. But to me, just meaningless. Does it matter? How?

The things I am beginning to understand more: (and usually write about here)

  • Freedom:
    For me, and giving freedom to others.
  • Grace:
    For me, and treating other people with grace.
  • God’s love:
    Again, for me, and learning to give that to others.
  • Reality of God’s presence:
    Learning to live with Jesus every day.
  • Who Jesus is:
    The Word of God, my brother, God in flesh, “watching” him interact with people in the stories of the gospels

When I look at those lists, the first one mostly just seems silly, but to many people – including me for much of my life perhaps? – they are not silly but almost essential. Funny how perspective changes. Who knows the lists might change again after a while. They might be completely different. We’ll see.

[Things That Are Weird] Wiper Fluid Containers

Windshield Wiper FluidDoes anyone else wonder why windshield wiper fluid is sold in a container/amount that is only slightly more than fits in your empty windshield wiper fluid dispenser in your vehicle? I have never understood this. And I don’t believe I ever will.

I will often just hand a container like this to the nearest person in the parking lot and say, “Have some wiper fluid!” (It is usually received well…) πŸ™‚

If it were a lot more, then I would understand. But it’s just a little bit too much. Very, very strange.

I think I’ll keep this as a recurring theme here at GregsHead.net. Stay tuned for more Things That Are Weird.

Seat Belts

I know this is silly, and probably has already been discussed too much, but the reason for this page was to share (and document?) my random and wandering thoughts. So…

This weekend I was returning from a visit to the grocery store that is less than a mile from our house. I was in a hurry (had to get something for the dinner I was trying to be making at that very moment) so I hadn’t fastened my seatbelt, and really wasn’t going to. It’s such a short trip it kind of feels like just driving in my own driveway!

As I wrestled (very briefly) with whether or not to tether… I realized how insane it is that my state (yea, even my country) tell me that I have to wear it. Really? Should the government be regulating stuff that affects just a person’s own life? Does not wearing a seatbelt affect anyone but the wearer? (Or, non-wearer, I suppose…) πŸ™‚

If pressed, I do say that I am libertarian (meaning, I don’t think the gov’t should be telling me what to do with my life) and in this I definitely am. Run campaigns, annoy people to no end, but do not make a LAW that makes them live up to a level of safety that some “larger group” thinks is “necessary” or should be “required”. That kind of thinking is truly anti-American – anti-liberty.

OK. Down from the soap box. For now.

Mister(s) President(s)

I almost put a question mark at the end of that title, but used my superhuman will power to resist the temptation. (Really. It was very tough! Not sure why I’ve been on a question-in-the-title kick of late.) πŸ™‚

I was watching NBC’s Meet The Press this week (Via podcast, of course. I don’t really watch anything live these days…) and the episode was an interview with Senator Ron Paul, who is a Republican candidate for president. I watched a bit with my wife (before she fell asleep) and we both thought he was making some good points, but several things made it hard to really envision him as president, let alone think of actually voting for him.

(Mainly it was his whiny voice! Holy cow!)

I do like Mike Huckabee. When I hear him, he makes some good points. But there are a few financial things I’m not too sure about. I got to hear Mitt Romney. Not sure I like much about him, but he made some decent points. The interview I saw with him he was mostly just fighting off Mormon questions. Hey, I even like John Edwards and some of the things he has to say. (Can’t say I’d ever vote for him for president, but he has a few decent ideas.)

All of this just has me frustrated that I have to pick one of these guys (and maybe none of the ones I mentioned!) to be the next (one) president of the United States. I don’t think I like any ONE guy enough to vote for him in all good conscience.

That got me thinking…

What if we elected a group of three presidents or something? One from each party, and an independent one. I suppose that’s why we have the three branches of government… a similar idea. But I mean… how is one man supposed to represent all the people? Again, perhaps that’s the role of the congress… I’m just trying to land on a candidate I like, and the truth is there isn’t one. I like a lot of things about a few of them, but don’t like some things too.

Glad we still have 11 months to go…

Remote Control = God?

I remember when I was a kid, one of the coolest things in the world was remote control cars. I mean, you could make it go… even though you weren’t touching it! How cool is that?!?

Well, last night I noticed that remote control is still one of the coolest things.

I was walking away from our vehicle and needed to lock it as I was going out of sight of it, and all I had to do was press a button on the little key fob and … voila! It was locked! Like magic!

When I was able to do that, I realized that remote control is a bit like being God. You can manipulate things outside of yourself, like magic. (I know… it’s not magic, but… it looks like it is!) Whether it’s a toy car, or a boat, or a plane… or a real car that you can lock, unlock, or even start! You say it, or click it, or whatever… and it happens!

And there’s so much like that these days! The whole world is going wireless. Cell phones, GPS thingies, satellite radio, key fobs, Wi-Fi computers and other devices… everything is wireless. On our home network, I can log into Jen’s computer from my laptop, and send files from there to my computer in the office… without being on either computer! I can even do a “screen sharing” thing where I can use other computers as if I were right in front of it. I can print stuff in the office from any computer… WIRELESSLY.

We have some pretty amazing powers these days… πŸ™‚

So, just a little observation. I still believe the next computer interface (probably Mac OS X 10.6) will be a spoken interface. So not only will things be “remote control”, but we will speak and it will happen.

And Greg said, “Let there be e-mail” … and there was e-mail.

Weird. πŸ™‚