i am so totally bummed


i can not even explain it

writing a song to me is probably a lot like childbirth. (sorry to offend you mom’s out there… i do have less physical pain… usually)

the ideas form, take shape, grow, kick around, and finally emerge a new creation – almost a new life.

and i love each one. each one is different. each one is a piece of me.

well… i just wrote one, called Temporary right here on my blog….

and i lost it.

it feels a bit like i lost a child. (i don’t mean to trivialize that… i am serious… i suppose it’s hard to understand if you are not a song writer)

even worse – the song was in some way intended as a gift.

i read my friend joe’s blog from last night (if your frame of reference was this blog, you might think that joe is quite a world-famous dude…)

his sister-in-law died last night. his wife’s brother’s wife.

not supposed to happen that way. opened my eyes again to the temporary-ness of this life.

and to how lucky i was to wake up next to my wife today

boy am i sad

for deb’s family (that’s famous joe’s wife)

and that i lost that song (which may have been somewhat healing for them?)


(this is where joe might swear…)

(just had to get joe in there one more time…)


Well… perhaps another time.

I did happen to copy the chorus… here’s that:

Can I get it into my head

Without the pain of death

The only things that matter at all

Are made in the image of you

Given the privlege to do

Life in you

I’ll see what happens when i re-visit the piano tonight.

Had a good concert tonight. Lots of folks there. Good kingdom presence in the middle of a Mormon town. (We live in Palmyra, NY – birthplace of mormonism… mormons there tonight…. that was good.) This little light of mine… I’m gonna let it shine…

I think Jesus was honored tonight.

That’s good.


This whole world is just temporary

Everything is just passing me by

One day you’re here

The next you’re not with me

And all the while I am lost in the temporary

The pressures of this day pretend to thrill me

Another mountain scaled today

And while I’m conq’ring

I am missing

The precious little lives that are right at my feet

Can I get it into my head

Without the pain of death

The only things that matter at all

Are made in the image of you

Given the privlege to do

Life in you

This whole life is just slipping away

Tomorrow is never a guarantee

I can’t hold onto any piece of it

Cause it’s only a shadow – it’s just temporary

Can I get it into my head

Without the pain of death

The only things that matter at all

Are made in the image of you

Given the privlege to do

Life in you

Lord open my eyes

Wider than I thought possible

Help me realize

That our hope is not temporary

That you are not temporary

That I am not tempoary

Pain is just temporary

Our hope is in you

Our hope is in you

Give me hope

Beyond the temporary

Lift my eyes

From this temporary


ยฉ 2003 Greg Campbell.

(the tune and words will be solidified later, but this is what was coming to mind today. my friend joe (who already sounds almost world-famous if your frame of reference is this blog…) lost his sister-in-law (was his wife’s brother’s wife) to cancer yesterday. life must be hard there. it certainly made me appreciate that i got to wake up with my wife today. and made me realize how life is so temporary. thank you jesus for the hope of more.

Concert was good tonight. Lots of people. Believers and non-believers alike… having fun and hopefully experiencing God in a very public community event. Very cool. more later… (probably should check out our main web page for more on that… if I ever get to writing our news page!!! http://www.basicmm.com — http://www.basicmm.com/news



my name is greg. but, odds are pretty good you already know that… being my first blog and all… you probably got a direct invitation to come check it out…

well cool. glad you’re here. ๐Ÿ™‚

i guess i just figure i have a lot to say, and i didn’t really have a great place to say it all… so… all the random and wandering stuff will find its way here… as the title may already suggest to you…

I did have a pretty interesting thought recently…

We LOVE board games. All kinds (though we are especially fond of any word games… those are fun…) So, we discovered a while back that you can get great board games (and even cool older, more rare games) at your friendly neighborhood thrift stores! So that’s like one of the first sections we visit upon entering any given thrift store. We even found one place in Redding, CA that had games on sale when we were there… FORTY CENTS!!! HA!!! That was AWESOME! We got NINE. ๐Ÿ™‚

So I was thinking… why are there always SO many board games at thrift stores? Perhaps some well-meaning relative bought one or two for Christmas… perhaps EVERY Christmas… ๐Ÿ™‚ Perhaps someone really just needed more space, and those were the things to go? But… I think more likely, it’s that no one has time to play a board game. You may want to… but no one can really “justify” sitting down to play a board game… so… off to the thrift store with ya….

But, last night… at the end of one of the busiest weeks of my life… (granted this was our day off, but even that was “busy” trying to catch up with all the stuff we’d missed in our busy week) I just thought… we need to play a board game. We have well over 50 displayed on our game shelf… and I said to my wife, Jen… “We’re gonna play a board game!”

We did not have the time for that! I needed to do the dishes… I needed to watch football! (We’re big football fans) I needed to do A MILLION things … but… It was time to play a game. Before I am tempted to send them off to the thrift store… it’s time to play.

We need to make time to play our board games. Other things can wait. They will be there when we are done. Really. (I know that from much experience…) We often get so wrapped up in our own stuff that that’s all we can think about. But we just need to stop and have fun with the folks who are closest to us… spouses, kids… what have you.

So… that’s what I was thinking… instead of a trip to the thrift store to drop off your lonely and abandoned board games… break one out, blow off the dust… and enjoy some time with your closest family or friends.

Really. Make time for the board games.

more later…